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A Homogenous High-throughput Luminescent cAMP Assay to Monitor Modulation Scientific...

A Homogenous High-throughput Luminescent cAMP Assay to Monitor Modulation Scientific Poster




Jolanta Vidugiriene, PhD, Kevin Hsiao, MS, and Said A Goueli, PhD
Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI 53711

Functional activities of Gαs- and Gαi-coupled G protein receptors can be detected by measuring changes in cAMP production. We describe the development of the cAMP-Glo™ Assay for high-throughput measurement of cAMP levels in cells.
- cAMP-Glo Assay is versatile and well suited for cell-based functional GPCR receptor assays for drug screening
 - Efficiently measures both agonist and antagonist activities of Gs and Gi-coupled receptors, and due to its high sensitivity, can be used with adherent, suspension, and frozen live cells as well as membrane preparations
- Monitor activity of GPCR receptors expressed under regulated mammalian expression system.
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