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Determine Total, GSSG and GSH/GSSG ratios


A549 lung carcinoma cells (5,000 cells/well) were exposed for 60 minutes to menadione doses in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution.

GSH/GSSG ratios in various cell lines

Cells were treated with 40μM menadione or vehicle directly in tissue culture wells. The ratio was calculated directly from RLUs or after conversion of RLUs to micromoles glutathione using the GSH standard curve.

See protocol for calculations

  Ratio GSH/GSSG
Cell Line Cells/well Vehicle Treated Menadione Treated
HeLa 5,000 63.8 2.2
HepG2 10,000 92.6 2.2
HepaRG® 50,000 35.3 2.5
A549 5,000 87.9 10.9
Rat hepatocytes 50,000 19.8 1.1

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